Northwest War

May 1795


June 1797


Southern Canada, western Pennsylvania, and northwestern Virginia.


Undetermined victory, Treaty of New York.

  • Virginia secures all territory south of the Mason-Dixon Line up to the Mississippi River.
  • Pennsylvania extends as far west as Lake Erie.
  • The remaining territory is placed under a joint British-New Englander administration.

Flag of Pennsylvania (13 Fallen Stars) Pennsylvania
Flag of Virginia (13 Fallen Stars) Virginia

Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors) Great Britain
New England pine flag New England
Flag Western Confederacy


Flag of Pennsylvania (13 Fallen Stars) Thomas Mifflin
Flag of Virginia (13 Fallen Stars) George Washington

Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors) George III
New England pine flag John Adams

Casualties and Losses

The Northwest War was an armed conflict fought between Pennsylvania, Virginia, and a coalition between Great Britain and New England. This was the second conflict to be fought after the dissolution of the United States of America (as well as the second war involving New England). The war was primarily fought in what was known as the Northwest Territory, which corresponds to southern Canada, western Pennsylvania, and northwestern Virginia.

Due in great part to the war taking place in uncharted and uncolonized territory, the war continued for two years and ended with the Treaty of New York, which agreed to peacefully divide the territory between the three combatants.

Virginia received all the territory south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Pennsylvania was granted all the territory west of the 83rd meridian west and 30 minutes (about the westernmost tip of Lake Erie). The remainder of the territory not within the watershed of Hudson Bay (Rupert's Land) was granted to New England, but was placed under joint administration with Great Britain. The Treaty of New York also ended the decades-long Northwest Indian War between the American colonists and the Western Confederacy.
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