The Northwest Federation is a nation located in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. A federal republic, the nation is built off of old American standards and systems. Ergo, the nation has a judicial, executive, and legislative branch resembling the old structure. The notable difference, however, is that the nation is led by a Triumvirate; three leaders acting as the heads of the executive branch.

Formed after the secession of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, the nation was formed in 1970 in Seattle under the former Governors Evans and McCall of Washington and Oregon respectively. Due to the death of the Idahoan governor, Lieutenant Governor Murphy filled in for him. These three men drafted the Constitution of the nation and formed the first Triumvirate.


Noted for being a rather wet area, the Northwest Federation, notably Seattle, sees much rain throughout the year. During the winter, a considerable amount of snow falls in areas not near the Puget Sound. The Cascade Mountains cut through the region, providing stone and silver to the area. During the initial days of the Zombie infestation of the United States, the Cascade Mountains formed a barrier for the Zombies as civilians were able to fly in.

The uninhabited areas of the region are heavily wooded. Due to this, sweeping through the area for Zombies, especially during winter or during rainy periods, is dangerous. The forests provide a great source of lumber. The Idahoan area is noted for being flat and containing much farmland. The former potato capital could once again provide as the breadbasket of the region when the undead are cleared out.



The area existed as the Washington territory and Oregon territory far before the apocalypse. In time, the states of Washington, Idaho, and Oregon were admitted into the United States, enjoying statehood through much of the 20th century. Washington served as an area of silver mining, giving the region much success. The Great Depression crippled the economies of the region before their revitalization in the middle of the century. The World's Fair in 1962 helped further create a large economy for the area, especially Seattle. This also led to the creation of the Space Needle, which still dominates the Seattle skyline.


The Zombie Apocalypse, despite resistance from Americans, tore the United States in half, crippling the nation. The West Coast began to suffer, California breaking up quickly after its secession. In 1969, Washington, Oregon and Idaho, seeing dependency on a crippled nation to be counter-productive, seceded from the United States. The undead began to enter Idaho, forcing the evacuation of Boise. The governor of Idaho was escorted to an air pad to be taken to a safe location via helicopter. On the way there, a car collided with the car the governor was traveling in. It is said that he died in the crash, though some eyewitnesses report he survived the crash before a horde of Zombies surrounded the car, leading to his demise.

Lieutenant Governor Murphy became the new Governor of Idaho, acting from an old fallout bunker in an unknown location. In Oregon and Washington, the undead began to push into the eastern borders of the nation. A ship carrying infected refugees entered the Puget sound in November, leading to a short outbreak in Olympia. Though the town was saved, the capital was moved to Seattle. From there, Governor Evans put forth a plan to remove the undead from Washington and Oregon. In December, a Zombie attack forced the evacuation of Governor McCall to Seattle. The men continued to draw up a plan.

Formation and Dezombification

In January, the Northwest Federation was drafted to establish order and unity in the area. The constitution, a modified version of the old US constitution, was drafted and signed. While it remained largely the same as the US constitution, the appropriate changes to the constitution regarding Triumvirates and chairmen are made. A legislative and judicial body is appointed. The various military branches are established, along with the rebooting of the law enforcement agencies in the area.

The old counties became districts and the safe zones were labeled. Initially, much of the nation was in Zombie-infested territory. Sweeps into the territories gradually cleared them of the undead, forcing the safe zone to the east. Throughout 1970, the Federation launched various campaigns into undead territory, liberating cities like Kennewick and Yakima. Unfortunately, cities farther to the east were lost. In 1971, following much debate, the city was bombed to destroy the massive undead population there.

As of March 1971, the Dezombification of the Northwest Federation continues.

-more coming soon-

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