Northumbrian Rising
Part of St. George's Night
Date 1418 - 1440
Location Northumbria, Lothian
Result Northumbrian rebels crushed
Northumbrian rebels

Flag of Scotland Scotland

Flag of England England
Commanders and leaders
Earl of Northumberland

Flag of ScotlandJames I of Scotland

Flag of England Henry V of England
15,000 20,000
Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy

The Northumbrian Rising was a rebellion in Northumbria against royal English authority. Initially just an attempt to seize the English throne by the powerful Percy family, Earls of Northumberland, it evolved into a more vicious religious struggle which pitted dissident Lollards against the religious establishment. The war resulted in a royal English victory; the deluge of Northumbrian refugees northward into Scotland accentuated the Anglicized character of the royal court there, exacerbating local divides and laying the stage for the Revolt of the Isles there which would divide that country in the long term.