14th May 2010

At 10am the King George I announces that the Kingdom of Northumbria is claiming land north to the former Scottish border, west to the highest point of the Pennine Hills and south to the River Tyne. However in actuality, due to the radiation levels the border will be the the irradiated outskirts of Newcastle/Gateshead. This is announced at the same time as the Prime Minister of Cleveland is announcing expansion of his country.

Late August 2010

Report arrive in the royal court via the government of Cleveland of a large military build up in the New Scottish State. Cleveland has already decided to send 500 TA troops and 40 Cavalry units. After discussions with his military advisors King George sends 100 Northumbria militia troops and a unit of 50 archers to North Rheged to help defend them against any possible Scottish invasion.

19th September 2010

King George I announces by Royal proclamation that he, and his government, has approached the Organisation of British Nations (OBN) with the hope that the Kingdom of Northumbria will be accepted into the organistion at the earliest possible opportunity.

Mid October 2010

By early to mid October the expected invasion of North Rheged has not occurred, King George orders the withdrawal of all Northumbia troops from North Rheged, however due to the increased military activity in the New Scottish State he orders the troops to the Northumbia northern border and begins building fortifications to defend against any possible military incursion by the New Scottish Army.

10th November 2010

The governments of Northumbria and Cleveland jointly announce that the area between the Tyne and the Wear will be turned into the first new National Park. It will be known as the Tyne and Wear National Park

It's borders will run from the coast at Seaton Sluice west along the old A190 to the A19 to Seaton Burn, then west to Ponteland, south the Heddon on the Wall across the Tyne to Stanley, east to Chester le street, Houghton le Spring and eastward to the coast at Seaham.

The area within those borders will be left to return to nature, there are currently approximately 150 people living in the new national park, these people will not be asked to leave, however no new people will be allowed to move to the area for the foreseeable future (except for close family members) and no new buildings will be allowed within the park, the exception being replacement to any existing building or to increase productivity of farming of existing residents.

Late November 2010

Representatives of the New Scottish State have approached the Witain of Northumbria with a proposal of demarking a border between the two states, as currently the borders of the two countries have a vast distance between them it is assumed that the Scottish army is planning to move into lands the Scottish government claimed earlier in the year to have a more hands on management of the area.

January 2011

After talks between the Northumbria Witain and the Chamberhouse of Ur Alba, the border between the two countries has been set as the old English/Scottish Border. The Witain announces that thye expect that Ur Alba will occupy the land to the north sometime this year.

29th January 2011

Military leaders from Ur Alba announce they have taken control of the towns of Selkirk, Kelso, Hawick and Jedbugh and have informed the Northumbrian Witian that they intend to be in Coldstream in mid February to set up a border crossing point.

22nd February 2011- Rheged possibly joining Northumbria.

In a surprise move the Northumbria Witain has been approached by the representatives of the Rheged Co-Operative with the possibility of merging Rheged into Northumbria. The Witain agrees that it is a interesting idea however they request that if Rheged wishes to join Northumbria the people of Rheged must vote to join Northumbria and the decision must not be made by 8 representatives.

Rheged agrees to this and announces that a referendum on joining Northumbria will be held on March 11th 2011.

26th February 2011

King George announces that the Witain has awarded a license to crenallate for new castles at Rochester, Kielder, Kilham, Crookham and Scremerston and a rebuild of the existing Castle at Norham. This is in response to Ur Alba setting up a border crossing. There are also plans that if Rheged becomes part of Northumbria that new Castles at Carlisle, Catlowdy, Netherby and Longtown will also be built.

12th March 2011, 11am : Referendum results announced in Rheged

The results have been announced, of a population 12,000 people in Rheged 8,426 people registered to vote, the vote results are as follows:

Do you wish for the Rheged Co-Operative to become part of the Kingdom of Northumbria:

  • Yes - 5972
  • No - 2365
  • Spoiled ballot papers - 89

The referendum is passed with over 70% of votes coming back Yes it is planned that Rheged will become part of the Kingdom of Northumbria by mid May 2011

18th April 2011

With the increased military build up evident in Ur Alba, the Northumbrian Army steps up its military readiness and moves troops to the border with Ur Alba.

27th April 2011

With the official declaration of war between the Celtic Alliance and Ur Alba, the Northumbrian Army has moved almost all it's troops to the border, the Rheged militia have been mobilized to guard the border also. Cleveland has sent three divisions of the Royal Cleveland Territorial Army north to help with the guarding of the border. Death of Queen Isobel - 30th March 2011

The Witain of Northumbria is saddened to report that last night after evening dinner, Queen Isobel Jane Percy, wife of King George, suffered a suspected massive stroke, although medical care was administered within 30 minutes of her collapse she did not regain consciousness and died shortly after 10pm with her husband King George and youngest child Prince Max at her side. Northumbria has entered an official one week period of mourning, state funeral detail will follow.

Crown Prince George and his wife Queen Zara of Cleveland are returning to Alnwick Castle as soon as possible.

31st March 2011

The first details of the state funeral for Queen Isobel have been announced, the funeral will take place on Monday 4th April at Alnwick Castle, all members of the Northumbrian and Cleveish royal families will be present. She will be laid to rest in the chapel in Alwick Castle.

4th April 2011

Queen Isobel of Northumbria has been laid to rest in the chapel of Alnwick castle, present at the funeral were the entire royal families of both Northumbria and Cleveland, the former leaders of Rheged, the Procurator of the Westmorland and Furness Alliance, representatives of Ur Alba and the Celtic Alliance (who were seated separately to avoid conflict) and representatives from the OBN.

Rheged joins the Kingdom of Northumbria

The Rheged Co-Operative has voted to become part of the Kingdom of Northumbria, Rheged will elect two new members of the Northumbrian Witain, the new members will represent the towns of Carlisle and Workington, elections are to take place on the 6th of May and Rheged will become a full part of the Kingdom of Northumbria on Monday 9th of May.

6th May 2011

The former territory of Rheged has elected two new members of the Northumbrian Witain

  • Carlisle - Francine Marshall.
  • Workington - Michael Barker.

They will take their seats in the next meeting of the Witain on the 9th of May.

6th July 2011

After agreements with the OBN nations of Cleveland, Woodbridge and Essex an attack will occur on the TBA base at Rutland Water, Northumbria will send 500 troops. The expected attack will happen in late August.

10th September 2011

Reports from ocean vessels west of the former British Isles have described a growing storm heading for the former British Isles, the Northumbrian and Cleveland governments advise their populace to prepare for a possible windstorm hitting between the 11th and 13th September.

14th September 2011

The reports of damage are still coming in. However, it is already known that the west of Northumbria (formally Rheged) has been heavily hit by the storm force winds over the past three days, wind speeds were recorded at the high point of the Pennines of nearly 90 miles per hour. Buildings and trees were brought down across the country but the further west and north the more damage occured. It is thought that over 1200+ building were severely damaged to the point of collapse and another 2000+ suffered some sort of damage.

The death toll is still rising, 24 are known to have died, mainly from trees falling on buildings and chimney collapses overnight between the 12th and 13th.

7th November 2011

A new rail line built with assistance from Albion Railways has opened between the Northumbrian capital Alnwick and Carlisle in former Rheged.

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