Kingdom of Northumbria (English)
Norþhymbra Rīce (Anglo-Saxon)
Timeline: Nordica
OTL equivalent: Northumbria
Bernicia and Deira
658 - 87?
Ravne flagGreat Heathen Army
Flag of Northumbria.svg
Northumbria 870.png
Map of Northumbria (in Red)
Official languages Anglo-Saxon, Latin
Regional Languages Cumbric
Ethnic groups  Anglo-Saxon
Demonym Northumbrian
Religion Christian, Pagan
Government Monarchy
 -  King Ecgberht (Last King, 867-87?)
 -  Established 653 
Currency Sceat

Northumbria was a large and powerful Anglo-Saxon kingdom in southeastern Scotland and northwestern England. Known for the Invasion of Northumbria, which took place from 870-87? under Ivar the Boneless, Northumbria was the largest of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms until it fell to the Great Heathen Army.


Pre-Invasion Period

Northumbria was originally a union of two separate Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, Bernicia and Deira. These two nations ended up in a union in 604, as a result of Bernicia conquering Deira. This arrangement did not last forever, however, as the ruling nation went back and forth a number of times until they were finally split into two.

The Kingdom of Northumbria was established in 653, after Dalriata aided Deira to reconquer the area, which had falled under the influence of Gwynedd.

Northumbria, which was extremely influential at its peak, began to loose some steam after Christianity, which was adopted early on in Northumbria, spread throughout England. Mercia broke free of Northumbria in 658, after having been conquered a couple decades earlier.

Invasion Period

The arrival of the Great Heathen Army...