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Northumberland County
— Subdivision of Commonwealth of Susquehanna
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Susquehanna Counties Political Map
Northumberland County in Teal
(and largest city)
Other cities Shamokin, Milton
Language English, Pennsylvania Dutch
County Commissioner
Lt. County Commissioner
Area 478 sq mi
Population 5,137 (2015 est) 
Admission June 1st, 2015

Northumberland is one of the counties in the Commonwealth of Susquehanna. It is a quaternary member.



Adjacent Counties


The county is led by an elected County Commissioner, as well as a three man Board of Supervisors, who each serve a term of six years. Commissioners serve for four years, and elections for the Board of Supervisors is staggered every two years. Northumberland County has a sheriff department, a coroner, a jail, operates a library in the county seat, and provides fire protection, and schools for local students.

The county court is responsible for smaller cases such as custody disputes and other issues. There are three judges and nine assistants.

The county is divided up into two Senate Districts and five Representative Districts for national elections. Each districts has approximately the same population.

Party Senate seats House of Representatives seats
Republican Party
2 / 2
2 / 3
Democratic Party
0 / 2
1 / 3
Libertarian Party
0 / 2
0 / 3
Unionist Party
0 / 2
0 / 3
Commonwealth Party
0 / 2
0 / 3


  • Cities: Population (2015)
    • Shamokin
    • Sunbury
  • Boroughs: Population (2015)
    • Herndon
    • Kulpmont
    • Marion Heights
    • McEwensville
    • Milton
    • Mount Carmel
    • Northumberland
    • Riverside
    • Snydertown
    • Turbotville
    • Watsontown
  • Townships: Population (2015)
    • Coal
    • Delaware
    • East Cameron
    • East Chillisquaque
    • Jackson
    • Jordan
    • Lewis
    • Little Mahanoy
    • Lower Augusta
    • Lower Mahanoy
    • Mount Carmel
    • Point
    • Ralpho
    • Rockefeller
    • Rush
    • Shamokin
    • Turbot
    • Upper Augusta
    • Upper Mahanoy
    • West Cameron
    • West Chillisquaque


Coal mining and agriculture are the main employers in the county, as are local government and Weis Markets, which has its headquarters in Sunbury.


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