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Mainstream News Sources

Week of January 4, 2016

  • CNN: 
    • President Amanda Sheridan announces intent to run for second term.
    • Former President Madeline Florence campaigns for Senate seat in native Virginia.
    • Six Israeli students killed in hostage takeover in southern Israel.
    • Music popstar Lisa Beaufort diagnosed with HIV.
  • EJU: Political strategists surmise on possible Conservative opponents to Sheridan in 2018. Top on the list is former Vice-President Brad Fitzwilliams, N.C. Governor George Arnield, and Senator Jerri Amwell of Louisiana.

Week of December 28, 2016

  • CNN: 
    • Ohio Nationalists claim responsibility for the mass shooting in Marquette on December 24, which claimed five lives and injured twenty. President Sheridan condemned the attacks and ordered the Departments of Defense and Security to "revamp" counter-terrorism in the area. 
    • Family members of Black teen found dead in Kentucky allege murder at the hands of white supremacists.
    • Conservative Senator Terry Durham of Virginia shows weakness in polls, voter disapproval ahead of 2016 election.
  • EJU: Christian advocacy group, Burlington Family Values Coalition, official voices support for same-sex marriage and adoption, causing polarized reception among its members.

Online News

Week of January 4, 2016

  • McFadden's: Article lambasts President Sheridan on "weakness" and "indecision" concerning violent Ohioan nationalists.
  • EntertainmentEternal: Article focuses on the widely publicized death of actress and exotic-dancer Andrea Victoria, real name Maria Diorio, alleging foul play, drug use, and bestiality. Article is widely derided on social media.
  • Politico: Political strategists give Amanda Sheridan 75% of re-election in 2018, considering her speculated Conservative opponents.

Social Media, Blogs, other Online News

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