The 2013 Northern Rhodesia general election saw the United Federal Party lose power to the People's Freedom Party.

2009  2017
Northern Rhodesia general election, 2013
All 79 seats of the Northern Rhodesia Legislative Assembly
28 February 2013
First party Second party Third party
Leader Taonga Harper Brett Rennoll Dakarai Marlow
Party [[People's Freedom Party|Template:People's Freedom Party/meta/shortname]] [[United Federal Party|Template:United Federal Party/meta/shortname]] [[National Alliance|Template:National Alliance/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 15 August 2008 13 September 2012 11 February 2013
Leader's seat Lusaka Central Livingstone Kasama
Last election 34 40 0
Seats after 43 26 8
Seat change +9 -14 +8
Percentage 38.22 27.63 14.64
Swing +6.48 -11.43 NA
Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Mudiwa Martell Munashe Foster
Party [[Green Party|Template:Green Party/meta/shortname]] [[Social Democratic Party|Template:Social Democratic Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 11 December 2007 14 August 2009
Leader's seat (Ran in Matero) won election Mbala
Last election 0 5
Seats after 1 1
Seat change +1 -4
Percentage 9.92 4.32
Swing +9.03 -8.41

Previous Premier
Brett Rennoll
[[United Federal Party|Template:United Federal Party/meta/shortname]]

Taonga Harper
[[People's Freedom Party|Template:People's Freedom Party/meta/shortname]]


The United Federal Party lost power to the People's Freedom Party who won a majority of seats. This marked the end of United Federal Party dominance of state government who had until this election been in power in every state in Rhodesia-Nyasaland.

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