part of: Timeline (Canadian Rebellion) 

Northern Rebellion

Date: 1st February to 20th of September


Union of Canadian Nationalists

Hungers Lodges

United Kingdom
Commanders and Leaders

Louis-joseph Papineau

Wolfred Nelson

Charles Gore

George Augustus

2500 UCN 3000 Regulars
1200 American Sympathizers 400 Loyalists


Following the successful American revolution, Many Canadians also believed they were being over taxed. This prompted many to join groups which were against the British. On of their more aggressive ones was the Union of Canadian Nationalists (UCN) which used propaganda, and raids; anything to at least annoy the British. After eight years of this (the Union was created in 1792) They believed the time was right to attack the British.

March on Quebec City

On January 8th, 1000 men under Wolfred Nelson marched on Quebec City. When they say the city in the outline they surrounded Quebec and slowly moved in, only to realise that the British only had a postage stampage there!

This March started the Northern Rebellion.

Opening Moves

Following the march, reports came in that a garrison of only 80 British men were stationed at St.Denis. Wolfred Nelson marched over to meet the British, never the less they were quickly destroyed. Battle of St.Denis (Canadian Rebellion)

500 more UCN members rose up near Becancour and marched toward Acton Vale. There they met 20 loyalists preparing to meet up with 300 standard soldiers from Bedford. A small shoot out commenced which was easily won by the UCN. They then decided to ambush the 300 soldiers from Bedford. The men arriving from Bedford had fought in the American Revolution and were led by George Augustus. The UCN soldiers were completely routed. Battle of Acton Vale (Canadian Rebellion)

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