The Northern Isles
Na h-Eileanan a Tuath
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"
OTL equivalent: The Northern Isles
NorthernIsles.PNG Lymphad3.svg
State Flag Coat of arms
"Scotland the Brave"; "The Northern Isles"
Royal anthem: 
"God save the Queen"
Location of the Northern Isles (dark green) – in Europe (green & dark grey)
Administrative centerKirkwall
Official languages English, Scots, Scottish Gaelic
Demonym Northern Islander, Orcadian, Shetlanders
Type British Crown Dependency
 -  Monarch Elizabeth II
 -  Lieutenant Governor Roderick Campbell
 -  Chief Minister Alistair Carmichael
Legislature Parliament
 -  Independence from United KIngdom 1 May 2015 
 -  Total 2,464 km2 
951 sq mi 
 -  2011 estimate 44559 
Time zone UTC
 -  Summer (DST)  (UTC+1)
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the Left
Calling code +44
Patron saint Saint Andrew
The Northern Isles is a self-governing British Dependency, consisting of two states, Orkney and the Shetlands. They are situated to the North Coast of Scotland.


Scottish Independence

Despite Scotland overall voting "Yes", in favour of independence, Orkney, the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands all had come in the vast majority against Independence, and the next day called for separate referenda for their status to be held. A week later, on the 26th, three separate referenda were held: the Northern Isles both voted overwhelmingly not to join Scotland, whilst the Outer Hebrides narrowly voted to join Scotland.

On the 15th March 2015, Scotland formally left the United Kingdom, and Orkney and Shetland for transferred to the Northern Isles Dependency, with Roderick Campbell becoming Lieutenant Governor.