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The Northern Federal Republic is a nation based in what used to be the United States of America and consists of the States of Dakota, East Montana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. It is one of the largest successors to the United States and is one of the most powerful in the West, however it is not as strong compared to the powerhouses that are along the East Coast.


Population: 1.1 million


  • Federated States
  • Canada
  • Pacific Republic
  • New York

Trade Agreements

  • Pacific Republic
  • Federated States
  • Confederate States of Dixie
  • Great Plains Republic

Military Percentage

  • 4%

Stability (National Algorithm)

  • Urbanization: +100
  • Resources: +150 (lots)
  • Technology: +250 (weak)
  • Territory: 30
  • Alliances: 15
  • Supplies: 20
  • Infrastructure: 100
  • Total: 670

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