Northern Defense Coalition
Coalition Nordique de la Défense
Северная Оборонная Коалиция
"Military Alliance"
Northern Defense Coalition
The Northern Defense Coalition
Headquarters Berlin, Province of Germany, The European Union
Membership Russia
The United States
South Korea
The European Union
Official Languages English, French, Russian
General Secretary Colin Powell
Chairman Giampaolo Di Paola

Established in early 2008, the Northern Defense Coalition is the main force of the "Northern World," a term coined by former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissenger when remarking about how the line between first world and developing world has now been blurred by the advancements of China, India, Iran and Afghanistan. While officially the NDC does not have any rival powers, most would agree that the East-Asian Co-Prosperity is the NDCs greatest rival, though some claim that the Islamic League could someday become such a rival as well. Originally planned to be based out of Anchorage, Alaska; the NDS decided that Berlin would act as a greater symbol of Unity between an alliance of former hated enemies.


Currently the NDC consists of only five nations: Russia, the US, the EU, Japan, and South Korea. To join the NDC the country must have territory Northern hemisphere, and must be a sovereign democracy. Presently Japan is the southern most nation in the NDC, and few have shown any sign of the NDC letting any nation in that does not have some claim or interest to the North Pole. Currently some Central Asian nations have expressed interest in joining, along with India.


The leading rival of the NDC is the East-Asian Co-Prosperity led by China. While the NDC has been trying to negotiate an inclusion of China into the coalition, now more than ever thanks to the greater democratic practices of the PRC. China, however, has expressed no desire to join, and while inter-agency cooperation has significantly grown since the Indo-Pakistan war, few are willing to propose a union between the two organizations.


The NDC, like NATO before it, does not have a coalition military like the UN, but does have a coalition missile defense shield and nuclear disarmament program. No nation of the NDC has yet to call on a fellow nation for aide in a time of war, though there are fears that South Korea may act on this policy with the growing threat in North Korea.

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