An alliance between the following countries is in place until 1825.

  • Sweden
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  • The Netherlands
  • Protestant Germany
  • Poop

Structure (Pending)

  • General Assembly: Each member contributes ten Papa's youd umb bruh like aslkdjfa;lskdjfa;lsdjf;lasdjf;lasjd;lfaksjdl;fjas;ldjf;lasdkjf;laskjdf;lasjd;lfsal;jdf
  • Presidential Council: Three rotating seats of Presidency
  • Collective Defense System


The Luxembourg Conference

"Luxembourg ask for a meeting of Protestants next turn, inviting Greece and Bavaria."

  • Sweden - We await the arrival of Luxembourgish diplomats to begin the session.
  • Bavaria What exactly are we meant to discuss? Also, we propose changing the name of the alliance, seeing as Bavaria, Belgium and Luxembourg are all predominately Catholic.
  • Aren't you guys in big trouble? Denmark is making peace with Piedmont - Sardinia, giving up southwest Iceland and getting out of Russia! That's enough to make it big trouble.
  • Mod: Luxembourgish diplomats arrives, as well as Dutch delegates. The Netherlands propose some scientific cooperation between at first Sweden, Bavaria, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, and propose also to punish Denmark if it continues the dangerous peace with Piedmont and let Piedmont have parts of the important Iceland.
  • Sweden completely agrees to the proposals, and also asks whether we should carry on our expedition into Russia. Sweden wants to have Estonia under its possession by the end of the war, but also to halt Catholic activities near its borders. We are also ready to give Russian land and resources to our Protestant allies, if they so wish.
  • Denmark: Has no intentions.
  • Netherlands will stop all relations with Denmark if it doesn't want to take back Iceland. It notes that a city in Iceland aligned with the Catholics will become an important military base as a fore-front port to use against Denmark and Sweden.
  • The Netherlands make this plan to solve the Northern War:
    1. Sweden returns Latvia, Lithuania and East Poland to Russia, but is allowed to keep Karelia, Ingria, Vepsia, Estonia and St. Petersburg
    2. Russia take back Latvia, Lithuania and East Poland, but MUST support Protestants in the pressure for Piedmont - Sardinia to return the southwestern corner of Iceland
    3. Denmark receives West Poland
    4. All the four nations of Denmark, Netherlands, Russia and Sweden has free access for their citizens to the Baltic Sea
    5. Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden have full navy access to the Baltic Sea
  • Sweden: We agree to your proposals and will gradually halt the war in Russia. But we also need to figure out why Denmark is acting so outrageously. It is aligning itself with Catholic nations, invading Sweden despite our alliance, and it is refusing to fight back against Piedmontese forces in Iceland! I agree that all relations should be halted with this traiterous nation if it is starting to go back to archaic ways of Catholicism and spit on its friends.
  • Denmark: I will stop the invasion if you let relations continue with both sides, as it is improving economy and modernizing the country, and I get Norway back!
  • Sweden: We will send troops to stop the Catholic invasion of Iceland, and we never stopped relations between Denmark and Piedmont-Sardinia. We simply asked nations to stop trade with the nation, which didn't bother us at all if they refused. And absolutely not - Norway has been an integral part of the Kingdom of Sweden for a long time, and this was confirmed at the Congress of Vienna. Why should we give it to Denmark?
  • Denmark: We will stop the invasion and take back Iceland if you ethier give me Norway OR Estonia, West Poland, and St.Petersburg. You have to choose one or I continue the invasion
  • Sweden: Or perhaps you could stop this invasion because you are attacking an ally without any provocation whatsoever. We will consider letting you keep southern Skåne if you halt all attacks and begin to conduct yourself in a civilised manner.
  • Netherlands: Let's all punish Denmark off from this alliance. Luxembourg agrees with this.
  • Belgium: Agrees with the proposals to end the peace with Sardina-Peidmont, and to punish Denmark if it does not agree. The Netherlands' plan is considered, and would also like access to the Baltic Sea. We also warn Sweden that if they keep complaining about Catholicism, we may leave the alliance, as we are mostly Catholic.
  • Sweden will stop using "Catholic" to refer to nations not in our alliance, and apologise to Belgium, Luxembourg and Bavaria. Sweden agrees that the Baltic Sea should be open to all states in the Protestant Alliance. Do we all, especially Denmark, agree with the following map? This is what Swedish cartographers and diplomats propose based on the requests of Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands. South-western Iceland is still under Piedmontese control which we hope to rectify if Denmark so wishes.


  • ​Denmark: does this rule look familiar "Do not break alliances before 1825, except if the other members agree to punish that nation." You people tried to punish me for not having war with someone AND trying to improve our military AND economy! Is that not a good enough reason! How did you guys NOT expect retaliation. I will agree with this only if I can keep relations with Pidemont and Papal, because they are modernizing a lot faster than you.</li>
  • Sweden: Nobody was ever punishing you - please calm down. Of course you can keep relations with Piedmont-Sardinia and the Papal States, nobody ever said you couldn't. You're getting your knickers in a twist for no reason.</li>
  • Daenmark: Will pull out of Sweden.</li>
  • Netherlands: Having an active enemy navy near us in Iceland is very dangerous, unlike the inactive strong UK navy. It will take less time for them to invade us. Let's be careful of this. Why I'm proposing to punish Denmark is that they're invading Sweden, and less importantly, getting off from the Russian and Piedmontese - Sardinian war, which are all important for us.</li>
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  • Netherlands: Repeat decision to hold joint scientific research to counter the Catholic one. It's voluntary. If Denmark is not going, fine. Let Denmark spy on the Catholic research. (This message is only sent to the Swedes)</li>
  • Bavaria @Denmark: Seeing as Denmark was greatly weakened and bankrupted in the Napoleonic wars, there is no plausible way that you could conduct any successful invasion of Sweden. It is just not possible. Focus on the Piedmontese in Iceland. With assistance, you should be able to drive them out. That will be immensely more beneficial to you than embarking on a suicidal invasion which will bankrupt you and alienate you from your allies. In fact, Bavaria would even be willing to send a regiment to help retake Iceland. Also, Bavaria would be most willing to join the Scientific Venture, and is ready to invest engineers, scientists and money into it. We also thank Belgium for pointing out the alliance's pejorative use of Catholic, and accepts Sweden's apology.</li>
  • Sweden: I believe that this meeting can be concluded once we agree to a successful plan to drive the Piedmontese out of Iceland. Swedish troops will be deployed to Iceland alongside the Bavarian and possibly other regiments at that time. We are more than happy to take part in joint scientific research and once we restore peace in Lithuania and other captured territories, we will send available funds also.</li>
  • Bavaria I say we launch a two-pronged attack on Piedmontese Iceland: The Danes with my Bavarian Regiment march from Reykyavik, whilst the joint Dano-Swedish fleet blockades Emmanuellia and defeats any enemy ships sent to help it.</li>
  • Sweden: I think that would be an acceptable course of action to take and I will inform my miltary commanders if it is agreed upon</li>
  • Here is a proposal sent to Sweden, Bavaria, Belgium and Luxembourg:</li>
  • Dutch and Swedish navy will sail to Iceland first
            1. Then Belgian and Bavarian army will be sent (and Danish army if they agree)
            2. After that the Swedish army should arrive in Iceland
            3. After occupying that corner we will make it shared territory and make a Headquarters there.
          • Sweden: I have talked plans over with my generals and we have drawn up a plan more or less the same as Bavaria's.  We agree to making that part of Iceland shared territory as Denmark can no longer be trusted with protecting our land. We would also like to pass a notion renaming the Protestant's Alliance to the Northern Alliance due to our Catholic members and our geography.
          • Netherlands: But Dutch navy want to participate as well. My fleets will sail with you. And looks like the Belgians would like to help as well. And because we can't trust Denmark, we can't have both their Navy and Army in battle. We agree to rename to the Northern Alliance.
          • Sweden: Our plan was a two-pronged attack similar to Bavaria's but incorporating the militaries of the Netherlands and Belgium. I apologise for not mentioning this. If we keep excluding Denmark, it may try to join the Quadruple Alliance or make our strained relations with Southern Europe more severe.
          • Netherlands: Fine, but we must be careful on Russia, UK and France, the biggest navies of the world. Russia may retake Swedish Estonia, Vepsia, Karelia... when we focus on war in Iceland. We must be sure that both France and the UK will not join this war, and also must have some troops in Baltic lands as well. We may use Bavaria's relations with Greece to make Russia distracted as an alternative.
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          • Sweden: Piedmont-Sardinia invaded Iceland for no reason at all. We must show the Catholic countries that we are merely defending our lands, not trying to provoke European war. The war must be swift so that we can retake Iceland without involving the French, English or Russians. I will fortify my border near Russia to anticipate possible homeland invasion.
      • Denmark: I agree to give it up. Better tell them that it's legitimate because Sweden owns Norway now.
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