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Northern Africa (Samsu)

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Republic of Northern Africa
شمال أفريقيا
Timeline: Samsu

OTL equivalent: Algeria, Chad, southern Italian islands, Libya, northern Mali, Malta, northern Mauritania, southern Morocco, NE Niger, eastern Nigeria, Madeira (Portugal),the Canaries (Spain), western Sudan, Tunisia, Western Sahara
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Tamanrasset
Largest city Rabat
Other cities Casablanca, Carthage, Alger, Tarabulus
Arabic, Italian, French
  others Maltese, Amazigh, Hausa
President Bartolomeo Lora Quraishi
Prime Minister Tore Guido Burhan
Population 1084419 
Independence September 13, 1973
Currency Northern African dinar

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