Northern France (1350 - 1389)
Timeline: Premyslid Bohemia
Location of
Division of Northern and Southern.
Capital Paris
Largest city Paris
Other cities Orléans, Dijon, Tours
Language English and French
Religion Catholic
Northern France was a kingdom created after Edward III won 13 Years' War in 1350. All of a sudden a half of french people were ruled by him. This was a terrible thing to have in his realm. Almost instantly one of the biggest rebellions happened in Paris (Paris Rebellion of the Year 1351) which saw almost as much blood as the whole French Revolution of OTL. Northern France and Kingdom of England were joined, but not officially until 1390. Later it was called English France or as popularly spread by John II of France. In 1403 the border seen big battles in France - North France Conflict between Louis XI of France and Edward IV supported by Michael X which was won by March 1404.

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