The North Syrian federal election, 2016 (formally the 2nd general election) is an upcoming election to take place on November 1, 2016 to elect members to the Lower Court, and to elect a Prime Minister. This would form the 2nd North Syrian Parliament.

The current candidates include Prime Minister incumbentant Muhsin el-Hussein of the Free Democratic Party, Princess Razia bint Fahad for the Progressive Party, Princess Mariah bint Halim of the Forward Party and Antonius Abdulsalim of the United Libertarian Party.


The first "federal election" in what would become the Kingdom of North Syria, occurred on November 1, 2011 when the country was still recovering from its independence war against the Syrian Arab Republic. Muhsin el-Hussein, who led the Free Democratic Party would win the first elections, and thus become the first and current Prime Minister of North Syria.

On October 31, 2015, Princess Razia bint Fahad, King Fahad's daughter, announced that she would be competing in the elections to become the Prime Minister. Her announcement had worried some voters, due to fears that her royal status as being daughter of the King could be used to help her win. However, King Fahad released a statement announced at the Royal Complex, that the elections would be fair, and not biased to kinship, stating that royal status will not contribute to the likeliness of victory or loss.

King Fahad's promise however, couldn't stop royal members from voting for a kin, because he couldn't legally stop or prevent them from voting either due to the fact that they belong to the royal family.

Princess Razia, having been known for the left-wing and progressive-stance, eventually become the Head of the Progressive Party. Razia "promised" to depose Muhsin el-Hussein out of power, and opposed many of his policies, including legalizing gun ownership, lowering taxes and wanting to renew relations with the Russian Federation. Princess Maria bint Halim of the Forward Party, another left-wing movement also announced her intentions.

As of the right now, the two dominant candidates that stand out with the possibility of being the next Prime Minister as the current, Muhsin el-Hussein and Progressive Party-candidate Razia bint Fahad, with supprot for either candidate going through roller-coaster numbers.

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