The North Syrian Shooting Sports Associaton (Arabic: شمال رماية السوري الرياضة اسوكياتون) or the NSSSA in short is a shooting-advocacy rights group in North Syria that wants to protect North Syrians' rights and abilities to own firearms, as well as air, airsoft, pellet, BB, paintball guns and crossbows and use them for recreational sporting, hunting and self-defense.

The NSSSA was formed as a reaction to the Peaceful Citizens Act, which not only completely banned all North Syrian citizens from owning real guns, but also started to impose severely stringent laws on ownership of replica firearms (known exclusively as "imitation firearms in the country) which included air guns, airsoft guns, BB and pellet guns and paintball guns.

With the passage of Bill NS-35, which re-legalized firearms in the Kingdom, the NSSSA made a major inclusion of firearms into its list of goals.

The NSSSA not only is aimed to protect citizens against even more stringent laws, but to protect them from the negative stigmas and stereotypes attached to owners of firearms and other sport-shooting tools as being "terrorists". These stigmas were attached to imitation firearms owners as a result of the educational programs from the royal family that discouraged any type of gun culture in North Syria be it actual firearm or replica firearm.

Badir Amal, a former police officer, is the the NSSSA's current founder and president.

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