North Syria-Canada relations
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North Syria
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North Syria-Canada relations (Arabic: العلاقات بين الشمال سوريا-كندا, French: Les Relations Syrie du Nord-Canada, Turkish: Kuzey Suriye-Kanada Ilişkilerinin) refer to the bilateral relations between the Kingdom of North Syria and Canada. North Syria has an embassy in Ottawa and Canada has an embassy in Aleppo.

Depite early Canadian suspicions of North Syrian independance, the two countries have eventually grew to be extremely close and powerful allies, with Canada deciding to follow the steps of its southern neighbor the United States into supporting the North Syrian independance.

Both countries are politically identical, with both following the Westminster model of government, with the exception of having different monarchs as Heads of State. In addition, French is an official language in both nations. Dual citizenship between North Syrians and Canadians is very high, as the Canadian and North Syrian governments have stated their support and encouragement of dual citizenships. Canada has one of the highest North Syrian foreign exchange student communities, third from its southern neighbor the United States, and second from its western counterpart the United Kingdom.

Many wealthy North Syrians tend to own property in Canada, there are also some Canadian chains operating in North Syria, such as Tim Horton's.

According to a 2014 poll, 45% of Canadians view North Syrian influence positively, with 55% stating a negative view, and 69% of North Syrians view Canadian leadership and influence positively, with 31% stating a negative view.

However, there have been a decrease in the number of North Syrians supporting Canadian leadership, as many of them have stated their criticisms and opposition to the right-wing government of Canada under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who is curently enjoying his third term as Prime Minister. However, many Canadians have been approving of Prime Minister Muhsin el-Hussein's leadership in North Syria, particularily his handling of terrorists, criminals and drug traffickers in the Kingdom.