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Siamese War


October Coup, Baltic Wars

North Sea Crisis

December 17th, 1975


January 23rd, 1976


Faroe Islands, California Wall, North-South Japan DMZ


Signing of the Helsinki Accords, SALT I and II Treaties are signed between the ATO and WarPac Powers.

Major battles:

Faroe Islands Standoff


Atlantic Treaty Organization

Warsaw Pact


Richard M. Nixon

Harold Wilson

Malcom Fraser

Josip Broz Tito

Kim Il-Sung

Willi Stoph

Yuri Andropov

Henryk Jabłoński

Kakuei Tanaka




Casualties and Losses




The North Sea Crisis started on December 17th, 1975 after Dutch spy planes detected unusual amounts of military buildings on the Scandinavian owned Faroe Islands. The Dutch Government informed the ATO of supposed German nuclear missiles, to which the alliance tried to solve the problem diplomatically, but after numerous failed rounds of talks, and an insulted German Chancellor, it seemed that the ATO and WarPac would be on the verge of nuclear war...

Meanwhile, across the Pacific, the unusually peaceful California Wall saw conflict as US and communalist Californian border guards monitored numerous groups of citizens crowding around each side of the wall. Many American and Californian citizens called for the dismantling of the wall, and the end of the Cold War, but their pleas fell on deaf ears as both nations were engaged in a tense stalemate as tensions in Europe and Japan rose even higher...


Californian citizens sitting on top of the Californian side of the Wall, circa 1976.

German Chancellor Willi Stoph demanded the removal of British ICBMs from Turkey and Italy, while British Prime Minister Harold Wilson demanded the end of German nuclear weapons stationed in the Arctic and Eastern Russia.

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