Commonwealth of North Moluccas
Komunidad Maluku Utara
Comunidade das Molucas do Norte
Flag of North Maluku.png North Maluku coa.png
MottoBangsa di Meyo
("Nation in the Middle")
AnthemSaya Kasa Raya, Maluku Utara
("My Great Home, North Maluku")
Location of North Moluccas.png
Location of North Moluccas (in green)
CapitalTernate City
Official languages Ternatean Malay, English, Portuguese
Spoken languages Malay, Indonesian, Ternatean, Tidorese, Galelarese, Taliabo, other Austronesian and Papuan languages, Portuguese
Ethnic groups  Ternatean, Tidorese, Javanese, Galelarese, Malays, Papuans, also communities of Indians, Chinese, Malays, Moros and Filipinos
Demonym North Moluccan
Membership ASEAN
United Nations
Latin Union
Government Presidential republic
 -  President Abdul G. Kasuba
 -  Vice President Muhammad N. Thaib
 -  Political Speaker Saleh S. Abidin
 -   estimate 4,141,561 
Currency North Moluccan Rupiah
The Commonwealth of the North Moluccas (Ternatean Malay: Komunidad Maluku Utara, Indonesian: Persemakmuran Maluku Utara, Portuguese: Comunidade das Molucas do Norte) also known as North Maluku and North Moluccas (Malay: Maluku Utara, Portuguese: Molucas de Norte) in short is a Southeast Asia country located in the Malay Archipelago. It shares no land borders, however it shares maritime borders with Indonesia to the west and the south, West Papua to the east and Bangsamoro the north.

The North Moluccas often serves a bridge between Austronesian, Melanesian and Papuan cultures, with native speakers from languages of all three groupings residing in the archipelago. It also bears cultural influence from the historical Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Indonesian regimes that ruled the islands.

Being an archipelagic nation, located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the North Moluccas is divided into island provinces. Much of North Moluccas' modern-day borders are carved out of the historical Sultanate of Ternate, which still bears influence, with the descendants of the Ternate and Tidore royal families forming the majority of the political elite class.

The North Moluccas is a member of several alliances and organization, particularily ASEAN, Global Islamic Alliance and the Latin Union. It is one of three countries in Asia to be a member, the other two being Bangsamoro and the Philippines.

The three officially recognized langages are Ternatean Malay, a Malay-based crole native to the Maluku, as well as Portuguese and English. North Moluccas is a fairly stable country, despite a violent history as an Indonesian province between Muslim and Christian inhabitants. The North Moluccan government has shown a desire to invest with major companies worldwide, including Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft and many American, Philippine and Indonesian fast food chains. 

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