June 1950. Soviet backed North Korea (DPRK) spontaneously attacks South Korea (RoK) and rushed down the peninsula. In our timeline, United Nations forces (lead by USA) stop the North Korean assault. However in this alternate timeline, the United Nations never respond with military action so Kim il sung takes control of a United Korea with a communist regime at its head. Since there is no military opposition from UN forces, much less casualties come from the war so it is much less well known and South Korea is beaten by October 1950. Now that there was no threat from surrounding territories (such as South Korea, USA) the Kim regime is alott less militant. Since the US so easily backed down in Korea, communist regimes across the globe are alott less scared of the US and NATO so a lot more wars break out in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Communism still collapses in the early 1990s. Kim il sung never hands power to his son (Kim Jong il) but still dies in 1994. In 2014, Korea is a socialist country similar to China and Vietnam with a major capitalist free market economy.

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