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North Carolina
— Subdivision of Confederate States of America
Timeline: Southern Independence

OTL equivalent: North Carolina
800px-North Carolina 1861.svg
Flag of North Carolina
(and largest city)
Other cities Charlotte, Wilmington
Language English
Demonym North Carolinian
Governor Pat McCrory (C)
Population 9,900,000 
Established November 21, 1789 (USA State)

June 8, 1861 (CSA State)

Currency Confederate Dollar
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
  summer Eastern Daylight Time
Abbreviations NC

North Carolina is a Confederate State located in North America. It is the fifth most populous state in the Confederate States of America. North Carolina borders South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. It was the last state to secede from the United States and join the Confederate States of America during the Southern Revolutionary War.


Colonial Province

North Carolina's heritage dates back to 1707 when North Carolina was then a part of the English Province of Virginia. In 1629, the Province of Virginia split into three different provinces: the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Province of Carolina, and Bermuda.

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