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Across much of former America and Canada, people have reverted to old ways of life, most notably a tribal style of life.

List of Known Tribes

Great Plain

  • Coway: a group of tribes whom share a common culture, the Coways are similar to the wandering Israelites of ancient times. They have a strict Old Testament style of Christianity, having re-instated taboos on eating pork, idolatry, and other sins. The only notable exception is the taboo on drinking blood has not been removed, as it it vital to their diet, which is otherwise mostly dairy and meat from cows. They wander in covered wagon caravans, riding both horse and steer. At night, they camp encircled, though in winter, they bunker down at river banks and small cities of teepees spring up.
  • Sioux: the Lakotan peoples of South Dakota survived the war due to their rural nature, but after the war, without government assistance, the Sioux needed to subsist on their own. In order to do this, many thousands returned to the ways of their ancestors. They moved from place to place, hunting game, and herding goats and sheep. Their resurgence as a nomadic people has brought them the benefit of their culture spreading once more, with even thousands of white Dakotan and Brasky refugees assimilating into the culture. In addition, they are astute merchants, moving goods from Butte to Iowa, including coveted Canadian Jade, Butte Coal, and fine Coloradan Silk.

Insular States

  • Waynedales: The Waynesdale hill nomads could perhaps be more aptly described as semi-nomads. They travel with large flocks, mostly consisting of sheep, but goats are not uncommon between various valleys and grazing grounds, living either in buckskin tents or huts made from stone, mud, sheep dung and peat. They usually move every season to a new valley where the climate is best suited for the season and the most grazing is available for their flocks. They grow some crops that can be abandoned half the year, such as root vegetables and return to harvest it later in the year. Their inter-clan warfare is interesting, as there are no taboos on trickery, spying, or camouflage, but instead such practice is welcome. Push hardly ever comes to shove, as the "winner" of a clan battle is usually whoever is deceptive enough to surround his enemy first, upon which the other side ceremonially surrenders and holds a feast in honor of the victor.


  • Trolls: the Trolls are an immense tribe controlling much of the North Lower Peninsula. Fierce Warriors by nature, Trolls are said to be much taller than the average man, and are known for their special headdresses, adorned with Boar's Teeth and bones. It is notable that the Trolls' masks emulate gas masks, and are filled with sweet smelling things, in order to protect from "burning air". Often rumored to be cannibals, this is unconfirmed, and Trolls are known to farm and hunt, and as such this "fact" may be false. Some claim Trolls to be inhuman, however this is largely considered false. Trolls also speak a unique dialect of English.
  • Axe Nation: it is notable that Athler Chovala, an Axer himself, has stated his homeland is in fact akin to a Native American Confederacy, or the Saxon Lands of Scotland, in that the Axelands are made up of many clans, and are by no means unified. It is theorized by some that Axers are descended from National Guard units whom organized the area into the modern clan system, this theory most commonly being supported by their creation myths. Axers speak a unique dialect of English called Axer.

Ohio Valley

  • Buckeyes: descended from the former students of Ohio State University, the Buckeyes control most of the Columbus metro area. Notable in that they have no unifying religion.
  • Ridgers: the Ridgers occupy northern Columbus, and areas outside of the city. The Ridgers are tolerated by North Ohioans, as they keep to themselves. Many of their number have become prominent Knights of Saint Lazarus.

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