North American Theatre (WW3 1991)
Part of World War III-1991
300px-Russian Air Force MiG-25
A Soviet MiG-25 prepares for a reconnaissance mission over Northern Canada.
Date 5 April 1992 - 13 March 2007
Location United States, Cuba, Canada
Result Allied victory

Flag of the United StatesUnited States
Flag of CanadaCanada
Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Flag of JapanJapan (2005)
Flag of FranceFrance (2005)
Flag of SpainSpain (2005)
Flag of AustraliaAustralia (2005)
Flag of DenmarkDenmark (2005)
Flag of PolandPoland (2005)

Red Axis:

Flag of the Soviet UnionSoviet Union
Flag of CubaCuba
Flag of SFR YugoslaviaYugoslavia
Flag of North KoreaNorth Korea

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United StatesBill Clinton

Flag of the United StatesGeorge W. Bush
Flag of the United StatesGeorge H. W. Bush
Flag of the United StatesDonald Rumsfeld
Flag of the United StatesJohn Kirby
Flag of CanadaJean Chrétien
Flag of CanadaAndrew Leslie

Flag of the Soviet UnionGennady Yanayev

Flag of the Soviet UnionVladimir Putin
Flag of the Soviet UnionVictor Bondarev
Flag of CubaFidel Castro
Flag of CubaRaul Castro

650,000 total personnel, 2,258 combat aircraft 1,827 combat aircraft, 800,000 ground forces in Cuba
Casualties and losses
Flag of the United States410,000 combatants, 328,000 civilians killed, 243 aircraft shot down

Flag of Canada18,000 combatants, 32,000 civilians killed, 21 aircraft shot down
Flag of the United Kingdom30,000 killed, 26 aircraft shot down
Others: 15,000 killed

Flag of the Soviet Union288 aircraft shot down

Flag of Cuba37,000 combatants, 25,000 civilians killed
Others: 12,000 killed

The North American Theatre is the name commonly given to the violence in and around the North American continent during World War III. From 1992 to the war's end in 2007, red axis aircraft and missiles struck allied military and economic targets in the United States and to a lesser extent Canada. Allied military forces also struck targets in Cuba. Air-to-air combat was also employed with hundreds of aircraft being shot down on both sides. Ground combat involvement in North America only occurred in 2005, during the Invasion of Cuba.

Air and Missile Strikes

WW3 North American targets

Map of North America depicting locations targeted by red axis strikes in red and areas targeted by allied strikes in blue.

The majority of combat occurring in the North American Theatre of World War III was by air in the form of airstrikes and strikes by intercontinental ballistic missiles. Military and economic targets were struck in the United States, Canada and Cuba.

Strikes in the United States

The first instance of combat in the North American theatre occurred on 5 April, 1992 when a Soviet conventional ballistic missile targeting a US military base in Alaska was intercepted by American F-18 fighter jets. Strikes on US soil occurred in mostly isolated incidents in 1992 and 1993, with a total of 12 missiles being launched at the United States in both years combined and a total of 25 sorties by Soviet aircraft being attempted. Four missiles and nine bombs successfully hit American targets during this time, leaving around 38 Americans killed. Airstrikes intensified midway through 1994, with sorties undertaken on almost a weekly basis. The primary targets of Soviet bombardment were military equipment at bases around the United States, though command centres, weapons depots and economic targets, such as oilfields and refineries were also struck. Soviet missiles and aircraft continued regular strikes on the United States for the rest of the war. Soviet warships also launched missiles and were subject to strikes by allied anti-ship missiles.

Strikes in Canada

The first Canadian target struck by red axis forces was a naval base in Nova Scotia. This incident occurred in September of 1994. Regular monthly strikes began in 1995 and persisted until 2004. Military bases were primary targets, as well as industrial cities such as Hamilton, Fort McMurray and Sudbury. Isolated incidents occurred from 2005 to 2007, with a slight intensification in January 2007, when a total of ten sorties were undertaken.

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