North American Theatre (Fascism Prevails)
Part of World War 2
Date 2 December 1939 - 13 July 1944
Location North America
  • Axis victory
  • Fascist governments take power in Newfoundland and the United States
  • Cuba and Mexico surrender
Flag of the United StatesUnited States
Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Flag of MexicoMexico
Flag of CubaCuba
Flag of the Parti National Socialiste ChretienCanada
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945)Germany
Client and Puppet States
Flag of Newfoundland and LabradorNewfoundland
Flag of AlaskaAlaska
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United StatesFranklin D. Roosevelt
Flag of the United KingdomWinston Churchill
Flag of the Parti National Socialiste ChretienAdrien Arcand
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945)Adolf Hitler

The North American Theatre of World War II was an area of intense battles during the war. Fighting began in the continent of North America in December 1939 when Canada officially joined the axis military alliance and launched an invasion of Newfoundland, a British dominion. With German air support, the dominion fell under complete control by Canada in February 1940, although Britain continued to strike Canadian ships and other military resources through aerial bombings and naval attacks. Canada appointed Chuck Crate as the interim leader of Newfoundland, which was now a Canadian puppet state. Canada's next target was Alaska, a territory controlled by the United States. Although the United States hadn't yet entered the war, Canada launched its invasion of Alaska in May 1940, forcing the United States to join the allies and declare war on Canada and Germany. The United States withdrew from Alaska later that month and began a bombing campaign against Canada. Ground battles in North America did not resume until November 1943, after both the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union surrendered, and Germany was able to focus almost entirely on the United States of America. Canada and Germany launched a ground invasion of the United States that month and took entire control of it by July 10th, 1944. Mexico and Cuba both surrendered on July 13th, ending the war.

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