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The North American Soccer Football League was a Soccer league in the United States and Canada, that lasted from 1946 until 1959, when it merged with the American Soccer League to form the North American Football League.


See also: North American Soccer Football League
The NASFL was formed in 1946 as a professional league for football clubs in the Midwest US. Despite early financial troubles, the league found backing and became fairly popular in the early 50's, before losing some ground to the rising popularity of American Football in the latter half of the decade. The league was facing imminent bankruptcy, but was saved by a merger with the rival American Soccer League.


Season Winners Runner-up
1946-47 Flag of the United States Detroit Wolverines Flag of Canada Toronto Greenbacks
1947-48 Flag of the United States Pittsburgh Indians Flag of Canada Toronto Greenbacks
1948-49 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1949-50 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1950-51 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1951-52 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1952-53 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1953-54 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1954-55 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1955-56 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1956-57 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1957-58 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1958-59 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]
1959-60 25px [[Wikipedia:|]]

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