The North American Railways is one of the largest freight railroad networks in North America. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec that serves the Midwestern, Northern, and Southern North American Union, and is one of five North American Class I railroads. NAR's slogan is "North America's Railroad".

It has 72,000 employees, 50,000 miles (80,467 km) of track in 28 provinces, and over 9,000 locomotives. It has three transcontinental routes that provide high-speed links between the western and eastern United States. NAR trains traveled over 169 million miles in 2010, more than any other North American railroad. The NAR and UP have a duopoly on all transcontinental freight rail lines in the Western N.A.U. and shares trackage rights over thousands of miles of track.

In 1999, BNSF Railway and the Canadian National Railway announced their intention to merge and form a new corporation entitled North American Railways to be headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

List of named passenger trains of NAR 
Northern Rockies Special an express train from Prince George, Vancouver to Regina, Washington. It crossed the Rockies at the Yellowknife Pass and continued across the northern prairies of the North American Union. It had one intermediate stop in Edmonton, Albertus.
Acadian passenger train which ran daily between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Cranmer. 
Continental Limited passenger train which ran from Montreal, Quebec to Vancouver City, Vancouver.

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