North American League
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Location of the Southwest League
Formation 4 April 1987
Type Military and economic alliance
Headquarters Dallas
Membership See Members
Official languages English

The North American League is an international organization established by the 1987 Treaty of Albuquerque under the name of the Southwest League. It grew from the alliance of New Mexican states in the Texan Border War, which was won via guerrilla tactics. In 1996, the league was expanded and renamed the North American League, to reflect expanding membership.


Part I - Treatment of Other Nations

Article I - All nations in the North American League and not should be treated with respect.

Article II - No neutral nations outside of the organization should be attacked for an unjust reason.

Article III - Mobilization of military armed forces of the organization may not move through neutral states unless that state gives its consent for military access. (Falls under both Part I and II).

Part II - Declaration of War and Military Aid/Mobilization

Article I - Faked terrorist attacks to start a war(s) with other nations will result in a kick from the organization if this is found out.

Article II - All nations within the NAL must help other nations within the organization if they're attacked.

Article III- When in war, the Geneva Convention must be followed.

Article IV - All nations within the organization are obliged to help allies attack and/or invade enemies of the state.

Article V - All nations are to remain as neutral as possible in world affairs, to prevent the whole of the NAL being pulled into it.

Part III - Propaganda and Fake/Actual Terrorist Attacks

Article I - Propaganda shall not be used to gain national prestige, gain land, humiliate other nations or be used to declare war on other nations.

Article II - The use of fake terrorist attacks to declare war on another nation will result in a kick from the organization.

Article III - Aiding or funding terrorist organizations will result in an immediate kick from the organization.

Part IV - Weapon Distribution and Production

Article I - Distributing weapons onto the black market, or giving weapons to 3rd world nations for no reason and terrorist organizations will result in an immediate kick from the organization.

Article II - Mass production of a nuclear armament will result in a kick from the organization. However, if your nation already had nuclear weapons before this constitution was made, the demilitarization of them should commence since they’re not needed.

Article III - Production of chemical and biological agents and/or weapons will result in a kick from the organization (That are meant to harm Humans).

Article IV - Stealing designs of weapons, weapon systems, vehicles, or any other sort of military equipment from nations within the organization will result in your nation being kicked out.

Article V - Secretly distributing weapons to ANY state, allied or not without stating this to the alliance will result in an immediate kick from the organization.

Part V - Economic Cooperation

Article I - All nations are to help other nations out economically when they need it.

Article II - Trade among nations within the league is actively encouraged.

Article III -

Part V - Miscellaneous

Article I - Promotion of illegal substances (in nations that don't allow it) such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc will result in a kick from the organization

Article II - Hiding or aiding terrorists will result in a kick from the organization.

Article III - Promotion of terrorism will result in a kick from the organization.



Sonora is a UR territory, like Mexifornya, a former colonial possession. Once part of Mexiforyna, in 2000 Sonora for the first time elected its own officers to represent them in the United Republics legislative branch. Sonora at this time 2000.75 wishes to have Mexifornya represent the region, but would like to make it known that in the upcoming year or two they are interested in making their own separate application. Sonora would fall under the less than one million people range as of 2000. 



United Republics

The UR having territories/dependencies in the area, wishes have an all UR representative observe the meetings. The UR seeks to become an observing member of the NAL. 




Full Members


  • United Republics

Resolution 001

IMMEDIATE action must be taken to preserve the city-states of New Mexico. Las Cruces has threatened nuclear and biological attacks on Dinetah and Texas, and plans on invading all of New Mexico. Military action now can stop them. With World War III going on, we cannot risk any sort of threat at home. We must remove their regime by 1997.75.


  • Texas - Doctor Evulz (talk) 15:33, July 13, 2013 (UTC)
  • Futura - MOD
  • Albuquerque - MOD
  • San Luis - MOD
  • Clayton - MOD
  • Hidalgo - MOD

Resolution 002

The AFR proposes to preserve the safety of North America, we found the American Defense Forces (ADF), a military force with blue and brown water capabilities, an Air Force, and ground forces. We need this to prevent Russian aggression against North America.



  • Vancouver, we ask if this is still a concern. 

Resolution 003

The United States has taken an imperialistic tone to member-states in the NAL, particularly the AFR (whom they moved troops into to stop an imaginary 'rebellion') and Vancouver (whom they tried to move a total of one million troops into for no good reason). The NAL demands that the United States remove any and all troops inside these nations immediately and cease any attempts at controlling or vassalizing any other nation in the Americas. If not, we must respond with sanctions and military action if ABSOLUTELY necessary.





Resolution 004

Due to California's recent change in government through a military coup an invasion must be staged in order to bring California back into the state it once was, or we risk seeing Cascadia and other nations fall to this imperialistic version of Communism that has arisen once again. The UR will be invading immediately with the troops stationed in Vancouver and Mexifornya. We ask other states send immediate help.


American Confederation. We have already begun military ops in the area. However, we will need NAL approval and aid to stage a full invasion. Bfoxius (talk) 15:52, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

United Republics (Observer): We have begun an invasion and will support an NAL invasion as well. G greg e (talk) 16:45, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Texas: The Doctor is in... 21:24, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

AFR: Daeseunglim (talk) 01:20, August 3, 2013 (UTC)


Resolution 005

Rezurrectionism is the greatest threat to North America we have ever seen. It is time that the ideology be eradicated, like Fascism in World War II and the Scandinavian War. We must make the Zombie virus go the way of smallpox! The Rezurrectionist Republic is an insult to the thousands killed in Texas, California, the AFR, Florida, and many other states. It is time action be taken against them. A joint NAL operation to overthrow these terrorists from power is not only beneficial, it is NECESSARY for our continent's survival. Thus, Texas proposes the following:

  • The member-states of the NAL will invade the Rezurrectionist Republic and remove the terrorist regime in charge.
  • The area encompassing the RRA will returned to the American Confederation, or administered as an NAL mandate, depending on the wishes of the AC.
  • A new department of the NAL, the North American League Office of Zombie Affairs (NALOZA) shall be established. Its purpose with be finding a permanent cure to Zombiism and eradicating the virus entirely, in the way of smallpox.


Texas - The Doctor is in...

New Mexico - MOD

Appalachian Federal Republic - Daeseunglim (talk) 19:38, August 11, 2013 (UTC)



Talks on the Future of the Organization

Texas would like to encourage co-operation between the member states in the wake of this devastating war. We don't want to close up our borders and be filled with mistrust. Rather, we propose a more open organization. Measures such as open borders, free trade and maybe even a common currency.

Vancouver, Florida Sur and Mexifornya, seek some form of membership, possibly observer status, in this North American Geopolical organization. 

American Federation: The AF agrees with Texas, and states that "If we are to survive, and to emerge greater than before, we must get over our differences. We also support Vancouver, Florida Sur, and Mexifornya's proposals for joining.

Texas sees no problem with them joining as full members if that is what they wish, or observers. We ask Dinetah what exactly should be done for our growth. We put forward free trade deals, free travel between open borders, and a common currency to be adopted voluntarily by member-states.

  • Florida Sur currently uses the United Republic's Real Paso. 
  • Vancouver currently uses de facto Cascadian and Canadian currency.
  • Mexifornya  currently uses the United Republic's Real Paso. 
  • Appalachian Federal Republic currently uses the Erie dollar.

Appalachian Federal Republic: We agree to allow any North American nation to join. We propose forming a Senate that each nation gets three senators, and a rotating presidency each nation gets two years. Texas, then AF, then AFR, etc.

American Federation: I believe that by adopting a single market, we can strengthen our nations, and if one was to fall or go into a time of crisis, the other members of the League would easily assist them. That is what I think we should do. Also, what do you think the common currency should be called?

Texas believes the currency should be called the North American Dollar ($), as the dollar is used by almost every major North American nation (Canada, Texas, USA, AFR, etc.) We should adopt a single market. However, Texas proposes an alternate set-up for the NA Senate, with every city-state (Albuquerque, Futura, etc.) getting one seat and every other nation getting two. This is so small city-states don't gain a wildly disproportionate amount of power.

Appalachian Federal Republic: We propose each city state gets one, nations with a population of under one million get two, and nations over one million, three. We agree with the currency.

Texas agrees to that proposal.

Florida Sur, Vancouver and Mexifornya all agree as well.