North American Federation
Féderation d'Amérique du Nord
Official languages English (primary)
French (secondary)
Capital Washington, DC
President  ??
Establishment October 9, 1949
Currency North American Dollar

The North American Fedration is a union of 11 states in North America (3 constitutional monarchies in personal union and 8 republics), formed on October 9, 1949 (Charter Day). Since its formation, the Federation has been steadily centralized. The Federation was one of the three superpowers during the Cold War.

The Federation is considered by many to be the successor of the former United States of America, which made up most of the population (but not area) of the modern Federation.

The Federation Charter has undergone numerous amendments over the decades in the process of forging a nation out of the Federation. Today, though each state retains the Constitutionally guaranteed right of secession, it is, for most intents, a single nation rather than a federation. The Cold War did wonders for the unity of its people.

Member states

Original members

Later members

The Kingdom of Newfoundland has been invited to join on several instances, and has voted on it several times, but has remained independant, though closely linked economically (including a currency peg of NA$1 = 2NFƒ) and politically.

North America (Rebellion of 61)

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