Gillette, Wyoming, the capitol of the NAF, was incorporated into the state of Wyoming on January 6, 1892.  The population stood at 29,087 citizens as of the 2010 census.

The day that the Second Korean War turned into the Third World War, the United States government ordered a relocation to Colorado Springs, CO because Russia had launched an attack on New York City, launching Tu-22M bombers, damaging the harbor and Statue of Liberty.  It had been advised by the Pentagon that the government be moved because of scares during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The government seized the city hall and the courthouse to use for the President and the Judicial Branch.

On the day that World War III turned nuclear, the Vice president and some of Congress were evacuated to Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Wyoming.  The rest were relocated to Raven Rock Complex in southern Pennsylvania.  

Unfortunately, Denver was struck by a nuclear bomb and vaporized, eliminating a mint and several other important landmarks and military installations. 


The North American Federation was a successor state to the United States, founded by the remnants of the US government, is based in the city of Gillette, Wyoming.  The government is

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