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The North American Alliance was a military alliance made up of five North American nations: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Winnipeg, and Cuba. It was formed in 1832 to counter the powerful nation of Columbia. The Alliance first fought in the Americas War and came out victorious. The slavery debate made Cuba leave the alliance, and the nation supported the Confederate States in the American Civil War, and fought against the North American Alliance. The Alliance won the war and North American power was cemented. However, the alliance would dispand in the late 1860s.



During the 1820s and early 1830s, tensions between North and South America were extreme. Several border disputes occurred, those being the ones over islands in Caribbean between Cuba and Columbia and the other between the dispute over Panama by Mexico and Columbia. Columbia was more powerful than those two nations, and took over the disputed areas by force. Cuba and Mexico could do nothing.

Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna then had a great idea; an alliance that would stretch from cold, Arctic north in Canada, to the warm, tropical south in Mexico. He proposed this idea to newly elected President Andrew Jackson of the United States. The nation were powerful allies of the Mexicans.

Jackson knew that the power in the Americas needed to be balanced; so far Columbia was tipping the scale. Jackson agreed to the alliance, and decided to invite the other nations of North America as well. He sent Secretary of State Louis McLane to Canada, Cuba, and Winnipeg to propose the alliance. He first met with Canadian Prime Minister John Molson in Ottowa. Molson agreed to the alliance. He then met with the Prime Minister of Winnipeg, Cuthbert Grant. He agreed to the alliance as well. Finally he went to meet with the President of Cuba as well. He agreed, and the North American Alliance was formed.

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