The Great Deluge is often debated heavily by peasants scholars and kings. Some say that it was the gods striking humanity down for there follies. Some say it was a massive volcano, nearly destroying the earth. Some even say that it was a demonic invasion. Whatever the great deluge was, It has changed the very fundamental structure of society, leaving cities in ruins, leaving entire nations burning remnants of their former selves. The reality of life is harsh and lordships and petty kingdoms dominate, struggling to rekindle what little remains of society

The Great Deluge occurred in 1900: Cultural Development occurred at an exponential rate due to the downfall of civilization and odd psychic effects of the deluge
Post A America

A current map of the world. Other continents not shown to symbolize lost knowledge of them.

LIst of Nations:

Blue/ Mid Atlantic- Grand Kingdom of Hi'o: a militaristic society with a delusion of grandeur. Seeks to spread across the continent and reunite the Mirykan Imperium. Mostly farms and towns, but a growing number of cities, especially the settlements in Di'lMarva 

Light Blue/Greenland and Canada- United Realms of Helluland and Grunlan/Skraeling Protectorates: Here would not be out of place in a Norse Saga. Neo-Vikings and whatnot united with surviving Amerindian Tribes to forge a rather decentralized nation. Mostly fishing and farming communities, except for the Grand Port of Nök in Grunlan. Viking raiding ship often plague the east coast, so it's no surprise they're disliked by everyone. 

Pink/ New England- Realm of the High Sorcerer: Pretty_damn_occult and sparsely populated, but their pure sadism and brutality keeps would-be invaders away. Other than expansion, one of their primary goals is to ascend their Emperor to the level of a god. Not the most rationalistic nation, but better than complete anarchy.                  

Red/ Carolina- Union of Carolina: Much less violent collapse here. In fact, the English language didn't evolve into unintelligible tribal babble here! The richest state on the continent (poor by our standards, some thing like OTL Bulgaria in terms of quality of life. It is still democratic, though it has reduced a lot due to the need for military power. Very nervous, and paranoid of it's neighbors.                  

Dark Blue/Quebec- Pure Republic of Arcadia: To cope with the downfall of civilization, the residents of Quebec coalesced to form a Utopian society, something like a 1900's version of the divergent novels in OTL. Overall, the settlement is paranoid, but prosperous. Raids by Amerindian tribes are a frequent problem, though.                  

Brown/Arctic Canada- Alliance of the Empty Land: The name says it all. This land is a harsh, brutal wilderness, formed by Amerindian tribes intermarried with the few whites living there. Only small villages, no official capital.                  

Green/ Upper Peninsula- Pure Kingdom of Wa'Ki: A white supremacist state (not that there were many minorities in the Midwest anyway). Uber-Religious, adopting a near apocalyptic form of Christianity to prove their ideology. The only things that stands between them and Hi'o is the Shikako wastelands.                  

Dark Blue/ Florida- Duchy of Florida                                     

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