North America is a continent in the northern hemisphere, bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean as well as the continent of South America. North America was first inhabited by the Native Americans. These Native Americans were less technologically develloped than the Europeans. When Europeans arrived, they founded colonies on the continent.

The three main countries with North American colonies were Great Britain, France, and Spain. The Spanish were the first to found settlements, conquering the Aztec Empire and creating New Spain. The British first colonised the Thirteen Colonies on the eastern seaboard. France colonised a region originally known as New France, but what is now called Lower Canada. The French colonies on the mainland were taken by the British in the Seven Years War.

The first independant country in North America was the United States of America, which obtained independance during the American Revolutionary War. This was the original Thirteen Colonies. But their independence was not to be, as the British annexed them in the War of 1812. The Rebellion of New Spain sought to achieve independence in New Spain, or "Mexico", as some rebels called it, but the rebellion was put down with British help.

The Russian Empire also has a presence in North America, in their colony of Alaska.

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