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North Albania (Apocalypse:2012)

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North Albania  OTL equivalent: Albania

North Albanian flag Apocalypse

Flag Coat of Arms

Motto What once was is now anew (Albania)

Capital: Tirana
Largest city: Tirana



  others: Serbian


Eastern orthodoxy

  others: islam
Type of government: Communist
  government: the house of Tirania
President: President Aliu
Population: 1,993,500 
Currency: Albanian Lek

North Albania is a nation in the Balkans. Until the Apocalypse, it was part of the nation Albania. When the nuclear war started, riots began in North Albania. A man named Carti Aliu preached about the corruption of the government and spoke ideas of communisim. As the world was engulfed in war, a civil war began in Albania. Communist countries set up across the globe threatened Albania, and on january 10, 2013 North Albania gained independence. As of now they have made little territorial gains, but has the 78 largest military in the world, easily beating out Albania in the south, who has the 94th. They have strong relations with the nation of Cyprus and the nation of Corscia. 

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