Union of North Africa
Timeline: A Southron World

OTL equivalent: Western and Northern African Nations
NorthAfrica Guinea-Stemma
Flag of the Union of North Africa Seal of the Union of North Africa
Location of Union of North Africa

The love of liberty brought us here (English)

Anthem "National Anthem of North Africa"
Capital Monrovia
Largest city Abidjan
Other cities Dakar, Tunis, Algiers
  others Arabic, African Languages
Demonym North African
Government Presidential Republic
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Vice-President Joseph Boakai
Area 9,228,302 km²
Population 191,852,008 
Established December 1st, 1878
Independence from Confederate States of America
  declared March 17th, 1921
  recognized 1921
Currency North African Dollar (NAD)
Calling Code +45
Internet TLD .na .naf
Organizations United Nations

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