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Point Of Departure: Africa never joins with Eurasia, but still splits from South America.

Effect:This causes the humans and other animals of the area to evolve differently than in our timeline. Because of the virtual disappearance of Africa in the timeline, Rome was never fully established as an empire and the "pagan" society of Europe expanded unhindered. But without Africa, trade was dramatically reduced. Europeans instead looked to expand westward across the Atlantic to North America. The first culture to achieve establishing a trading post in North America were the Norse people. They called the area Vinland. The leader of the settlement was quickly able to befriend the natives and provide the Vikings with a powerful advantage in the race to conquer the 'New World'. With the other European nations preoccupied with westward expansion the Norse remaining in Europe seized the areas with know today as Scotland, Germany and the Benelux Nations as well as parts of France and Poland. By doing this, the Norse were able to establish themselves as a political powerhouse in much of the Northern Hemisphere

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