At about the time that Rome was founded, the Norse "Vikingrland Empire" had already been set in motion for the past 100 years. The fierce union of Viking tribes quickly overthrew the Mediterranean governments of the time. At the time, it was under King Soren Jaltersen. With this conquest he adopted Mediterranean culture. The empire lasted about 1293 years. Ending in the year 522 AD or 1293 ES (Eptir Skapa).


Vikingrland was founded by notorious Viking, Galden Skilsson, he is known for making tribes bow under him. He adopted fortified camps to give himself an advantage. He was killed in battle though in 856 BC. Today, his grave is a landmark of Graterland.


Over the course of 8 generations, spanning at about 100 years, the empire was created, it defeated all of the other tribes with their superior technology. When Rome was founded, the empire had already expanded from the northern regions of Svalbard to Austria and from Greenland to Belarus. After they defeat Rome, they eventually make their way down near the Sudan-South Sudan Border. At the peak of their land mass, they make it as far south as Virginia, as far east as Mid-Kazakhstan, and as far west as Louisiana. Though with a crippling economy, Vikingrland splits into 23 different countries

Aftermath Countries

Greenland- Iceland; Iceland- Greenland; Gothenland- Southern Sweden and Norway; Bregensenland- Northern Norway; Lifgadsenland- Northern Sweden to Finland; Vargmensenland- Denmark to Northern Italy; Kritemensenland- Netherlands to Northern France; Vadrenken- Southwestern France to Northwestern Spain; Grdasland- Most of Spain and all of Portugal; Gravenkland Union- North Poland to Southern Turkey; Newfoundland- Newfoundland to Northern Maine; Southnewfoundland- Southern Maine to Southern Virginia; Eylanden- Great Britain and Ireland; Nielpensen- North West Africa; Kjalimslind- Mid North Africa; Athenland- Romania to Greece; Vakera- Very Northwest Russia; Gausland- Very Mid West Russia; Sediland- West Kazakhstan; Dkrinland- Estonia to Poland; Jenlklienland-Slovakia to Croatia; Beldenopv- Mauritania to Niger; Oordeenfeliksenland- Southern Virginia to Georgia;

These countries ended up very poor for the next couple of centuries (until 1000 AD)


Vikingrland was very Norse indeed so the vast majority of Europe would be Norse, after the fall of the Empire, the Norse "Kirsk" (prounounced: Kersh) was very popular among the countries

(feel free to create a history for a country)

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