In the years after the 1041 conquest England was known as Har, England is a term that relates to the period from 410-1041, as in this period England was dominated by Saxons from modern day Germany.

In 1041 Har was conquered by the United Norse Kingdom, resistance continues until 1076.
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Britain in 1043

1041-1216 Marks the first Norse Period.

In 1212, Woods Man Robin Hood, led a revolt against King Christian of Denmark, strained in a war with Norway. Har fell loose from the grasp of the Norse, (Eastern Anglia remains part of Denmark until 1220).

1252- Denmark briefly reconquers Har only to be thrown out by Robin's great-grandson in 1258.

1294- With the Reunification of the Norse Kingdom under the Kalmar Union, Har is again conquered, starting the second Norse Period lasting until 1692 with revolts in 1321 and 1424.

1333- A Parliament of representatives is formed made up of local lords at first later becoming a body of city counts and mayors.

1692- The Harish Revolution, brings William of Orange from the Netherlands to become King, instituting a Republic For The People and By the People granting voting rights to 25 year old male citizens who do not own land. Reforming the Harish Parliament, granting pay to council members making it possible for middle class labourers to take an office.

Continued Resistance

With the fall of Edward and the great city of Aujorborn Auji in the hands of Norse, the Kingdom of England was officially at an end. While many of the Saxon Nobles pledged fealty to the Norse Kingdom there were a few that fled to Northumbria to continue the war. According to the Saga of Good English Men a once minor lord Abrecan established a new city aergewinn north of Hadrian's wall.

On Christmas day of 1041 Etherbert leader the defeated and tattered failed relief campaign emerges from the woods with a few hundred soldiers left.

"Good Friend Abrecan I have failed once, but I swear an oath of loyalty unto thee, shall we together drive the hydras off our shores?"

Abrecan responded by kissing Etherbert's feet in response.

" Good man are you, while I was tending to the fields, you were bloody in the fray, all of us are equals in this war against the infidel, a peasant equal to a King, a maid to a warrior, down with the horrible caste systems we make in vain. For those are only things that blur the sight of truth! We are sons of Adam are we? Let's be as it is so ..."

The Kingdom of Ende Fewalic (final few) had no type of Monarchy or Oligarchy but a type of Ancient Socialism of Equals determined in a purpose of high regard, the nobles became equal to peasants in the struggle for independence. Experts now categorize Ende Fewalic as the world's first Communist State

.In the Spring of 1043 Anoun Lord of Har invades Ende Fewilc, his army is ambushed near the village of Ord, Anoun is killed while few of his soldiers escape South to tell of the disaster.

In the Summer the Saxons ravage the North Country, retaking the city of York quickly with nominal resistance. Brother of Anoun Botulfr leads that last of the Landsmen into the field of Lincolnshire, a battle of shield wall against shield wall.

"Like two anvils flung again

List each other equal in strength bouncing off from their own force"

-The Song of Good English Men

For six days neither army could overwhelm the other, with word of unrest to the South, Botulfr asks for truce of the seventh day splitting England into Danish and Saxon Halves both states recognizing the other as inhabitants of the island.

The First Wars and the Norse had gained a near permanent hold on Har.

Colonization and Early Development

After the Battle of Lincolnshire Botulfr began a massive building campaign in Har to promote colonization and commerce from Scandinavia. Aujorborn Auji was expanded and reconstructed, among the greatest accomplishments were the Gnafea Aujorborn' (Tower of London), This first castle, would be finished in 1056. In the next thousand years this would become the Palace of the Royal Family

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