North Land
1948 –
Nordland flag Hirden insignia
Official language Norwegian, Danish, Swedish
Capital Göteborg
Fører Vidkun Quisling
Statsminister Frits Clausen and Martin Ekström
State Ideology National Socialism
Territories Norway, Sweden, Denmark (except Sønderjylland)
Currency Krone

The German plan to create an Empire encompassing every Germanic nation was bound to fail due to the severe resistance found in the respective states. Thus, the plan had to be delayed; instead, "independent" puppet states were made up. After Denmark had to cede over 20% of its territory to Germany, it was merged with Norway and Sweden (a neutral state, but annexed by Germany for merely ideological reasons) to a federation. Under the rule of Abraham Vidkun Quisling, the Scandinavian Germanic Federation of Nordland was forged.

The Nordland Civil War

Many in Sweden detested the new regime, and secretly began to stockpile arms. The Rumsfeld administration would give them C4 explosives, M561 assault rifles, and much more through NLA (Nordland Liberation Army) gun runners. After a while, the rebels would attempt to declare independence in 1971. Quisling tried to flee from Narvik to Oslo, but was caught when the train was stopped by NLA Troops, who quickly apprehended him. He was tried, and summarily hanged in the Stockholm city center. While they knew the Nazis would slaughter them in battle, they decided on different tactics. They lured an SS regiment into a series of suburbs then massacred them. The Germans would call this Feiglingkrieg (cowardly war, roughly) The German response was to Bomb Stockholm with Horten 28 Stealth bombers carrying Nerve gas. This killed many thousands of people, and then crack German and Finnish army units drove in, smashing the rebels.

The Re-Building of Nordland

Germany invested large amounts of money into re-building Nordland.

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