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From the barren and frozen North came animal-like men, ferocious in combat and dedicated in character. These men would stop for nothing; their longboats reached all corners of the Known World. Their battle-axes hew families apart.


From the Sea can large armies arrived, bringing with them bloodthirsty beserkers. The largest of these armies - the Great Heathen Army - left its mark permanently by conquering large parts of England and Scotland. Their legendary leader, Ivar the Boneless, decided to retire from conquest to live in luxury.

But what if Ivar the Boneless decided to march onwards and seize the remainder of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria? What if the Viking Invasions of the Northern Lands resulted in the fall of Scotland, and the creation of Piktere? Welcome to the world of Nordica!

Current Decade: 850s

A timeline by Reximus55 and Likercat.

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Important To Do

  • Write 850-855
  • Improve skeleton pages for British states
  • Add war pages
  • Religion pages

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