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Kalmarunionen (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian)
Union of Kalmar (formal)
Nordic Union (colloquial)

Timeline: Muslim World

OTL equivalent: Denmark, Sweden, Norway
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Unknown (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish)

Anthem "Unknown"
Capital Copenhaguen
Largest city Stockholm
Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
  others Saami
Religion Christianity
Legislature Council (Made up of the various Kings and/or queens)
Independence from Viking states
  declared 1203

The Nordic Union or Scandavian Kingdoms was a nation that was formed in order to preserve Christianity in the region. It was short lived, however, after Muslim forces clashed with the main army group defending the area. The Scandavian forces where outnumbered and matters became worse after the Muslims cut through the center; fear spread even more after small Muslim war boats came into the scene, marking the famous event later known as The Battle Scare of 752.  Later on the Nordic Union simply ceased to exist after the kings and queens in Scandavia began to take interest in Islam and later joined the Muslims. Recent terrorist attacks today in Scandavia and Northern Germania have lead to some to believe that the so called Christian Brothers of Scandavia wish to re-establish the Christian kingdom in order to place an anti-Islam Bloc in Europe.

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