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The Nordic Republic of Germany
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History (Map Game)
German Resistance Flag Proposal 1944 Coat of arms of Germany
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of the Nordic republic of Germany
Red is current territory, and orange is territory that we are trying to diplomatically liberate

Der norden ist, wo die demokratie geschieht (German)
("The north is where democracy happens")

(and largest city)
Language German
Ethnic Group Germanic
Prime Minister
Currency Nordic Mark
Air force runddle of the Nordic reublic of Germany

Air force roundel of Nordic Germany

War flag of the Nordic Rpublic of Gwemany

War flag of Nordic Germany

Nordic Germany is Northern Germany. It has a main industry of tourism and a secondary one of manufacturing, agriculture, and business. It is a Republic.


Flag of the Milltia of Keil

Miltia flag of kiel



When the Zombies attacked Germany fell apart. Refugees from all over Northern Germany and Scandinavia came to Kiel to live. Kiel began to boom. 


Schleswig-Holstein was always VERY Scandinavian. In 1990 to stop the racial wars the Mayor of the Republic of Kiel declared it the first Nordic Republic. Nordic Germany has a balance of ethnic Scandinavians and Germans.

Period of Growth

From 1990 through 1992 diplomats began to spread the influence of Nordic Germany throughout the North. All of Schleswig-Holstein was freed and joined Nordic Germany. The military began to grow as Ft. Brandt was built. 

Union with Scandinavia

On January 26, 1992 the people of Nordic Germany erupted in cheers as they joined Scandinavia. Slowly as Scandinavians came in to occupy Nordic Germany the people became mad. As members of Nordic Germany were killed for no reason the nation of Nordic Germany. On February 20 as public opinion changed, the same parliament succeed from Scandinavia.

Holy Roman War

Armed forces


Nordic Germany has a functioning good Navy. In fact, the pre-Apocalypse German Navy was based in Keil. They have 13 functioning destroyers and eight landing ships. The Naval medical institute is based in Kiel so they are very healthy and prepared. The navy is based at Ft. Keil near Kiel.


The army is based out of Ft. Brandt a fort near the northern border. There is also Ft. Kiel that the army maintains near Keil as the last line of defence for Keil.




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