Welcome to the Non Lente Portal! This is an alternate timeline where many powerful empires of history never existed, like the Egyptians, Romans, Huns, Arabs, and Vikings. Technology accelerated at a much faster rate then real history, with the first musket being invented in the late 900's. Our timeline begins in the year 1000, where Germany and Romania rival each other for control of Eastern Europe, the Greeks abolished the Athenian democracy and established a Sparta-like style of government, but keeping the navy Athens was known for, Western Asia is all unified under the Huang Empire, and a 5-way race for the Kingdom of Muscovy, the precursor to Russia in real history, but in this one, it's a battleground for the world powers. I'm going to try my best to make this a good alternate history, and I hope that you guys will help me keep it probable, as far as alt-histories go.
Non Lente Map

A map of the known world in Non Lente, in 1000 A.D

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