Nieuw Nederland

This is a current map of New Netherlands.

The Non-English Earth is a world in which the language English is non-existent. Its point-of-divergence is 1664.


Continents: Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Israel

Capital: Amsterdam

Largest City: New Amsterdam

Official Language: Dutch

Official Religion: None

Government Type: Representative Democracy

Currency: Dutch Dollar

New Netherlands

New Netherlands is part of the Netherlands. The first person to visit New Netherlands was Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524.The Dutch claimed the land in 1609 following Henry Hudson's search for a Northwest Passage. In 1614, the Dutch built Fort Nassua. In 1624, they built Fort Orange, which later grew into the settlement Beverwyck. In 1626, the Dutch built Fort Amsterdam, which later grew into the world's largest city, New Amsterdam. New Netherlands's major exports were tobacco, wheat, and lumber. Due to espionage, New Netherlands survived an English naval attack on August 29, 1664, and subsequently supported its mainland in conquering France, Spain, England, and Greece.

Asian Union (AU)

Due to India's freedom from foreign rule, the nation became a chief ally of both China and Japan, later forming the Asian Union. In 1935, an Asian leader arose named Adolf Hitler, who began the Asian Union War (which the Netherlands and Soviet Republic won in 1945).

Continents: Asia, Germany, Italy

Capital: New Delhi

Largest City: Tokyo

Official Language: Hindi

Official Religion: Buddhism

Government Type: Aristocracy

Currency: Rupee (0.0189591 Dutch Dollar)

Soviet Republic

From 1946 to 1991, the Soviet Republic fought the Soviet Republic War, a successful attempt to gain more land.

Continents: USSR, North Korea, North Vietnam, Alaska

Capital: Moscow

Largest City: Moscow

Official Language: Russian

Official Religion: Eastern Orthodox

Government Type: Representative Democracy

Currency: Ruble (0.0312309 Dutch Dollar)


Taliban is currently in a war with the rest of the world.

Continents: Middle East, Africa

Capital: Islamabad

Largest City: Cairo

Official Language: Arabic

Official Religion: Islam

Government Type: None

Currency: None

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