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Presidential Election of 2009 Former = 2004 Latter = 2008 Already campaigning for the Presidential Election of 2009 include different people from different continents, the most notable being Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), Nasser Al-Sabah (Prime Minister of Mesopotamia), John Geddes (Vice President of New England), and Thabo Mbeki (President of South Africa).

Presidential Election of 1999 Former = 1996 Latter = 2000

African Presidential Committee

American Presidential Committee

The American Presidential Convention was held in Detroit, Great Lakes. They nominated Hugo Banzer, President of San Martin; Banzer’s running mate was Acrean Vice President Carlos Cesar Messias. Candidates included: • John Geddes, New England (Vice President of New England • Skip Rimsza, Sonora (Prime Minister of Sonora) • Jean Chretien, Canada (Prime Minister of Canada) • Dave Freudenthal, Wyoming (Prime Minister of Wyoming) • Hugo Banzer, San Martin (President of San Martin)

Asian-Pacific Presidential Committee

The Asian-Pacific Presidential Convention was held in Tel Aviv, Palestine. They nominated Chuan Leekpai, Prime Minister of Siam; his running mate was Kim Yong-Nim, Foreign Minister of Korea. Many critics believe Foreign Minister Kim, a communist, as the Asian-Pacific Vice Presidential running mate was a poor decision from Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai, which is why is lost was so drastic. Candidates included: • Hassanal Bolkiah, Malay (Sultan of Malay) • Chuan Leekpai, Siam (Prime Minister of Siam) • Abdul Al-Kabariti, Palestine (Foreign Minister of Siam) • John Howard, Australia-New Zealand (President of Australia-New Zealand) • Paul Keating, Australia-New Zealand (former President of Australia-New Zealand) • Phan Van Khai, Indochina (Prime Minister of Indochina) • Dashiin Byambasuren, Manchuria (former Prime Minister of Manchuria) • Mahathir Bin Mohamad, Malay (Prime Minister of Malay) • Oleg Deripalska, Soviet Union (Soviet businessman) • Yassir Arafat, Palestine (President of Palestine) • Kim Jong-Il, Korea (President of Korea) • Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India (former Prime Minister of India) • Malcolm Fraser, Australia-New Zealand (former Prime Minister of Australia-New Zealand) • Dmitry Medvedev, Soviet Union (Prime Minister of Soviet Union) • Saad Al-Salim, Mesopotamia (Prime Minister of Mesopotamia)

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