The Great Democratic Republic of Nome
Macna Republika al Noma
Noman flag.png Noman coat of arms.png
'MottoGloriae ad Aquilonem
AnthemThe Greatest Moutains
Nome location.png
The location of the Noman empire (blue) in Northwest North Amerika.
Largest city Noma, population 500,000
Official languages English, Russian, Latin
Recognised regional languages English, Russian, Latin, German, Mongolian, Alutiiq, various Native Alaskan languages
Ethnic groups  Anglo-American, Italian, Russian, German, Inuit, Mongol
Demonym Noman
Government Imperialistic semi-democratic, semi-totalitarian state
 •  Grand Emperor Ruthpert Anderson (1989 - present)
 •  Prime Minister Ronald Henderson (2006-present)
Legislature Fabri
 •   estimate 2,000,000 (2015) 
 •   census 1,950,000 (2010) 
HDI  0.65 
Currency Noman pupa
Time zone West Pacific
Calling code +1

The Empire of Nome is a country located in OTL Alaska, and a major rival of most of the states in the area.


Nome was originally inhabited by seafaring Mongolians traveling east in 1292. Back in this time, the area was called Mosonula, or the "Ice Mountains". Few colonies were built up here, and the area was left heavily Mongol for hundreds of years.

However, in the late-1600s, the Inuit Inuit incited a revolt. The Russians and English helped with this revolt. The area was carved up by the three nations, with the Inuit gaining the north, Russians gaining the center, and English gaining the west.

English Alyeska

Main Article: English Alyeska (Empires of Old and New): English Alyeska

For most of the 1700s and 1800s, the area was owned mostly by the English army. It was used to conduct military experiments, and for strategic naval bases in the Arctic and Pacific Oceans. In 1727, the city of Neme, now Nome, was founded to establish a political center. Despite revolts, and occasional attempts to gain the land by Vladimir, Mongolia, and the Inuit, the English retained the land for 215 years.

Rebellion and Independence

See also: Alyeskan Rebellion

In 1880s, both Russian Alyeska and English Alyeska were facing more and more attacks, while their owners got less and less involved in the area. In 1887, the main superpower of North Amerika, the United States, incited a revolt. With very few people to suppress the rebellion, it went smoothly. 

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