Nogai Horde
Nogai Yortu
Алдар хамгийн агуу Орд
Royal anthem: 
Largest Glorious Horde spot N/AHORDE BEST, HORDE STRONG
Official languages Nogai
Regional Languages Nogai
Turkic Nogai
Ethnic groups (Always Nogai) Nogai
Religion Islam
Demonym Nogai
Government Horde
Legislature Horde
 -  Upper house Glorious horde needs no Upper House!
 -  Lower house Or a Lower House!
Independent Being driven west by Kazakhs 
 -  Golden Horde destroyed 1502 
 -  Becomes independent nation 1509 
 -  Preparing for war with Astrakhanate Soon 
 -  Medium c. 100,000-300,000 km2 Unknown(29)
c. 40,000-120,000 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) >5%, borders Caspian Sea
 -  ? estimate 100,000 limit (Low)
 -  N/A census N/A 
 -  Density N/A/km2 (N/A)
N/A/sq mi
Currency Glory Greatest Currency (GGC)
Time zone GMT +3, GMT +4 (UTC+3, +4)
 -  Summer (DST) +3 (UTC+4)
No summer time
Date formats The correct form, day/month/year
Drives on the What's a car?
Internet TLD Dat fudge?
Calling code What's a phone?
The Nogai Horde, also known as the Nohai Horde or the Nogai Yortu, is a moderately sized confederation of 18 different Mongol and Turkic tribes. The largest of these tribes is the Mongol tribe known as the Manghits, who established the Nogai Horde.

The Nogai Horde was created in the 1440s, but to find out why you need to go back further. In the 13th century, Nogai Khan, then leader of the Golden Horde and one of Genghis Khans direct descendants, formed an army of Manghits, joined by several Turkish tribes. After a century, in the 1440s, the Nogai Horde was founded and led by Edigu, commander of Manghit and Jochid origin, on his paternal and maternal side, respectively.

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