According to some records, John Kennedy was going to pull Americans out of Vietnam, especially after Ngo Diem Dinh was killed in a coup ' de tat, but was murdered before he could ever do that.But what if Kennedy dodged the bullet and Vietnam was never to pass?

Point of Divergence

Ngo Diem Dinh was murdered by his generals, and South Vietnam was in chaos. Kennedy, shaken by this, decided to pull the plug on the trip to Dallas; thus, Oswald never got the opportunity to shoot him. After defeating Barry Goldwater in the Election of 1964, Kennedy pulled the plug on American activities in southeast Asia, and began The Great Society, based on Vice President Johnson's suggestions, to eliminate poverty. Meanwhile, The Americans were making excellent progress on the space program, thanks to the War not occurring, has higher funding, and will achieve moon landing by 1967.

Kennedy, however, lost support in the southern United States because of his administration's support of desegregation, and many southern Democrats turned to the Republican Party.

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