What if this image was actually an amazing 5 Star Russian Spy Movie titled "The Crocodile" starring Vladimir Putin as Grigor Stoyanavich and this was actually Putin behind the scenes on showing off the gun Grigor uses in the movie?

Welcome to the Russian Federation, Comrade! We understand our world's most bad ass president, Vladimir Putin did many ... conversational things, and strengthened the economy!  His machoness could be questioned by many, and how he does his things are quite praised, and such.

But what if Russia hadn't had him? What if instead of becoming a politician, Putin became instead, a celebrity in Russia, and a hero through fame via his Jack-of-all-trades, but had no political ambition, and instead, used it on his celebrity life? Who would rule Russia? What would even happen to Russia?

What if, Russia had No Putin?

Point of Divergence

The Point of Divergence of this time line is mainly centered around Boris Yeltsin's first years in office. Instead of retiring to enter politics from the KGB in his native Saint Petersburg, he instead, retires to proceed on to become a Judo master. Boris Yeltsin didn't hired Putin, and instead, hired another politician.


In the timeline, there will be differences made between Our Time Line and this Alternative Timeline.

Important Pages

These pages will be the important areas of the time line.




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