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Meanwhile, on Terra, you send in a rescue team to save the remnants of the scout team from the Soviets. You are able to sneak into the base, but one of your men accidentally trips off the alarm and the Soviets begin to go on high alert. The base is later cleared out, but by then there is only one survivor left. The others were executed by the Soviets. The rescue team begins to demolish the base with an Elerium bomb and as they escape, the bomb goes off, wiping out any evidence that the base existed. They return to Luna and the scouts bring back information. Another group of scouts is deployed to Central Asia, but news leaks out when it is found that there are base remains still left on Earth, along with some Promethean bodies. This is found to be undeniable and panic ensues on Earth as the situation begins to escalate. You now have 2 choices:

a. Send an agent to mind control the Soviet leadership into covering up the event

b. Launch the invasion

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